Monday, November 2, 2009

My Indiana Jones Bag

So it was my mum's birthday a couple of months ago and all she wanted me to buy her was an old "hand bag"from our local second hand shop. So i went with her to see it and I didn't think it looked special- it was just a leather sling satchel.
Little did I know that it was making a come back. I saw a couple of people wearing their leather satchels and I remembered my mum's birthday present ,which she never actually used, and decided I would try the trend. Now a couple months down the line it has become my outfit staple and I use it everyday.

If you meet me on the street it's almost a certainty that i will have my lovely satchel slung over my back.

It sometimes gets the odd comment like "Hey thats an Indiana Jones bag"but I just shrug it off because I love it.

You can find fashion in the weirdest places... sometimes even in your mum's wardrobe.

So thanks mum for the unintentional fashion tip :)

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