Monday, December 28, 2009

Irish and UP are what I call work :)

For the past couple of days I have been working at a hotel doing a "kids club". But the problem with the line above is that I have not been working at all because no kids have shown up! So instead of looking after the non existent children I have been getting paid to sit around at a hotel for 6 hours watching dvds :) Lucky... well sorta! It has been incredibly boring watching movie after movie when you would much rather be doing something completely different.

Although I make it out to be terribly dull there has been something that has kept me sane. Almost every night (the club runs in the evening) a visitor, lets call him X because I keep forgetting to ask his name, has popped in to say hi. He is from Ireland. He, his brother and his dad (who I must say was extremely sunburned and even had white circles around his eyes from where his sunglasses had been.) came in to the kids club by chance because they were exploring the hotel in search of a ball so they could play cricket in their suite at 10 at night. Unfortunately we did not have one for them but they instead borrowed a Christmas hat and a sparkly hat (kinda weird for to grown men). The first thing I noticed about X was his incredible style. He is the best dressed guy I have seen in a long time! Skinny jeans ( need I say more?)and amazing Rayband glasses.

Apart from X I watched too many dvds ,including UP (which I didn't really enjoy), read my new book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time ( which I would recommend)and survived on crackers and orange juice !

And this is what I call work:)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Big is better... in this case at least


Recently I got an over sized grey sleeveless t shirt like thing with a Technicolor zebra face printed on the front. It's sorta heading back to the eighties but it has something cool about it.

Well it looks super cute with long black tights, a cardi and some lovely pumps. Instead of a cardigan you can even wear a bf blazer.

Big is better with this trend please don't wear a short t shirt... it looks out of place.

Maybe rummage through your dad's old t shirts- you never know what you may find.

Cut the sleeves off to make it awesome.


Boyfriend Blazer Beautiful


I went to a charity shop this weekend with my sister and because it was a boiling hot day and I had been out all morning I wasn't really in the mood for looking at clothes and instead I just browsed in the book section.

But my sister found an amazing olive green boyfriend blazer which she was lovely enough to let me borrow. It was fitted and looked gorgeous.

I paired it with a grey jersey top/dress, black skinnies and a pair of leather pumps and of course my satchel.

Talking about boyfriend blazers, my mum picked up a lovely black Christian Dior blazer from a garage sale which I lovingly adopted when I was searching through her cupboard when I first discovered the trend.

High five for beautiful bargains.

My Indiana Jones Bag


So it was my mum's birthday a couple of months ago and all she wanted me to buy her was an old "hand bag"from our local second hand shop. So i went with her to see it and I didn't think it looked special- it was just a leather sling satchel.
Little did I know that it was making a come back. I saw a couple of people wearing their leather satchels and I remembered my mum's birthday present ,which she never actually used, and decided I would try the trend. Now a couple months down the line it has become my outfit staple and I use it everyday.

If you meet me on the street it's almost a certainty that i will have my lovely satchel slung over my back.

It sometimes gets the odd comment like "Hey thats an Indiana Jones bag"but I just shrug it off because I love it.

You can find fashion in the weirdest places... sometimes even in your mum's wardrobe.

So thanks mum for the unintentional fashion tip :)